Two Italian Purse Brands Loved by It Girls


Mon Sep 26 2022

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Discover the Under-the-radar Brands Currently Winning at the Cult Bag Game

Officially coined in the 1990s, the term It bag refers to a pricey designer handbag that is able to quickly become a best-seller— loved by It girls, celebrities, and members of the fashionable crowd. Italian purse designers have been masters at releasing these style icons over the years, but if the phenomenon has historically been linked only to big luxury firms (hey Prada, Fendi, Gucci, and all the rest), recently we saw an interesting shift towards up-and-coming unseen brands that are interpreting contemporary women’s tastes and needs so perfectly.

After sharing the three Italian brands that are making knitwear cool, now we’re bringing you two young Italian leather bag brands loved by two international It girls. If style muses adore them, your customers will adore them too.

Vanessa Saroni, picked by @ludosauer

Ludovica Sauer is a Swiss model now living in Italy and married to Italian TV presenter Alessandro Cattelan. Mum of two little girls, she’s that kind of fashion icon that prefers to live her life far from the spotlight. Kind and reserved, she loves to experiment with style, adding her unique touch to more casual outfits. We spotted her wearing Vanessa Saroni’s colorful and lively designs, which perfectly match her cheerful attitude.

The brand was founded in Italy in 2019, by Brazilian designer Vanessa Saroni who, inspired by Italian textile expertise, was determined to produce luxury goods in a sustainable way. With hand-woven and ethically sourced fabrics, her bags blend Italian craftsmanship with Brazilian colors— a winning sophisticated combo that is good to the planet.

Vanessa Saroni bags will be loved by your most conscious clients​​​​​​​​, and by those that are not afraid to add some exotic colors to their looks. The tactile structure of the bags can add some interesting texture to your store collection, and the versatile designs are saleable during warm and cold seasons alike.

Mag_it girls_Vanessa Saroni_Ludovica Sauer
Mag_it girls_Vanessa Saroni_Ludovica Sauer

Ninael, picked by @nataliabonifacci

An Italian model and influencer now living in Los Angeles, Natalia Bonifacci is renowned as much for her great campaigns as for her impeccable style: sexy, grunge, and bold. Denim, graphic T-shirts, printed blouses, and leather boots are some of her wardrobe staples, and so are unique leather bags. No wonder she’s a fan of our brand Ninael.

Another name to know among our selected bag brands in Italy, Ninael Roma was born from the mind of founder Elena and her desire to create a collection of bags that could mix feminine and sensual styles with glam-rock accents. With simple designs and signature brass fringes, Ninael bags are graceful yet bold, unique yet wearable, rock yet chic. Fully crafted in Italy, they represent the quality of craftsmanship in a new innovative way.

Offer Ninael bags to those rock-and-roll customers, or to anyone looking for a bold accessory with some character. They’re great as a match with casual and androgynous looks, but they work perfectly as a contrast with more feminine dresses too.

Mag_It Girls_Ninael_Natalia Bonifacci
Mag_It Girls_Ninael_Natalia Bonifacci

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