Vanessa Saroni

Born and raised in Brazil, surrounded by fashion, colors, and design, Vanessa studied fashion management in San Paolo, where she discovered her fascination for textiles and innovative materials. Inspired by Italian craftsmanship and textile expertise, Vanessa then moved to Italy in 2005. In 2019, she founded Vanessa Saroni, a sustainable luxury fashion brand where women play a leading role. Vanessa believes in a future where fashion accessories are designed and sustainably made for a long life, traditional craftsmanship is preserved keeping our earth healthy, and sustainable livelihoods are created in creative communities around the world. All fabrics are 100% hand-woven and ethically sourced, reducing the need for excessive electricity and water consumption. This helps minimize the impact on the environment without compromising economic growth. Their passion for shapes, colors, and materials combines with a powerful combination of sophistication, eco-friendliness, traditional craftsmanship, and innovative techniques.