The Italian Brands that are Making Knitwear Cool


Wed Sep 07 2022

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Discover Three Young Contemporary Brands who are Shaking Up the World of Knitwear

In a time when young generations are putting self-care and slow living back at the top of their priorities scale, it’s no surprise that knitted garments have become the most wanted items to invest in— a comforting cuddle for both body and mind, rigorously high-quality, ethically-made, and cool. The days of boring cardigans are over and a fresh wave of young designers is now breathing new life into a traditional craft, experimenting with styles and techniques. From minimal aesthetics to bold messages, please meet three young Italian brands that are making knitwear cool.

Artknit Studios

Artknit Studios is fighting for a better future, one knit at a time. Founded in 2018 with the goal of using innovation and high-quality materials to make long-lasting products at the best cost, the brand rejects the traditional fashion cycle of overconsumption, promoting the philosophy of “Buy Less, Buy Better.” Without seasonal collections, they offer timeless knits produced with 100% natural materials and crafted in responsible factories. Thanks to the clean, minimal, and sophisticated aesthetic, Artknit pieces never go out of time, making the perfect investment for your store. Whether it’s a cardigan or a crewneck sweater, their versatile essential pieces will suit your customers’ different tastes and will help you create refined total looks for your store display— pair the knits with a pair of relaxed pants or over a slip dress, and add a trendy bucket bag to spice things up.


With a story that dates back to 1966 and family management now at its second and third generation, Scaglione is well known for its high-quality, functional, and timeless knitwear with a contemporary feel. A great example of the excellence of Made in Italy, their collection includes essential pieces with clean, comfortable lines, and elegant patterns— perfect for all those customers that play gracefully with their style. From basic V-neck sweaters to linen polo shirts, from soft cardigans to carefree vests, their beautifully handmade products will add creativity and quality to your store line of essentials. And if you’re looking for loungewear pieces, don’t forget to check out their hoodies and shorts, great to be worn on cozy days around the house.


Only born in 2021 yet already praised and recognized for its mission, Whispr is an all-female company that creates bold knitwear made by women for women. Driven by a passion for women’s empowerment, Whispr aims at creating awareness of gender equality through the language of fashion. How? Allowing girls and women to wear their own claims! Through an artisanally-produced collection based on the concepts of conscientiousness, sustainability, and empowerment, Whispr creates versatile knitwear pieces that play with colors and words, with each garment carrying a strong slogan. From tank tops and T-shirts to sweaters, cardigans, and even tote bags, their pieces will bring a new empowering voice to your store collection, as well as a great dose of fun color combinations. Offer them both to the most ambitious of your customers and to whom still needs a hand in finding their voice. They won’t be disappointed.

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