How to Shop for Unique Wholesale Products


Wed Oct 19 2022

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A Guide to Help You Find Unique Wholesale Brands for Your Retail Store

We like to think of independent retailers as some of the best curators in the world: you’re assigned the important responsibility of finding unique pieces to surprise your customers, and this is both a blessing and a duty. Any retailer wants their store to stand out from the crowd, thanks to a one-of-a-kind product pick that lets clients discover brands they didn’t know about.

However, navigating the huge space of wholesale fashion is not an easy job. There are tons of wholesale brands out there, from all over the world, with different values, aesthetics, and offers, and choosing the right ones for your store can often become tricky and overwhelming. To help you out, we put together a few tips on how to shop for unique wholesale products: take the best approach for you and start perfecting your buying.

Choose Wholesale Brands that Are Local

Big, international brands can be found anywhere in the world, but small, independent, and local brands no quite yet. And with local brands we don’t mean brands born in your area, but brands that produce locally and have a strong connection with their territory, promoting and preserving local materials, know-how and techniques. These are the Made in... brands, and they produce by hand, in small batches, guaranteeing that each piece is crafted in a unique way.

Buying from local brands will allow you to stock products that are made with hands and heart, that have stories behind them, that are produced ethically, and, especially, that won’t be found anywhere else. You’ll be the guardian of those brands’ stories and missions, with the privilege of passing them down to your curious customers.

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Choose Wholesale Brands that Share Your Values

When buying wholesale online, think about your community first: what is important to them? What are your customers’ and your store's values? What messages do you want to bring to your clientele? This quick analysis will give you direction in choosing the right brands and products to invest in for your boutique’s collection. Here are some ideas:

  • Women-owned brands: while browsing through a wholesale clothing website, look out for women-owned brands that tell stories of resilience and empowerment. Buying from them is a way to support young and talented women from all over the world, and most of your female customers will appreciate the choice.

  • Sustainable brands: international consumers, especially from the young generations, are making conscious choices when it comes to fashion shopping, and the interest in ethical brands has increased enormously in the last few years. Buying sustainable and eco-friendly brands will help you satisfy this demand, as well as help the planet.

  • Made in Italy: when it comes to fashion, the value of Made in Italy is undisputed. On Mirta, we have a majority of Made in Italy brands producing high-quality women’s clothing, leather bags, and accessories. These are brands that are rooted into the Italian craftsmanship heritage, but that have also evolved with times, interpreting contemporary aesthetics and taste in the best way.

Choose Wholesale Products from Curated Collections

The great thing about buying from an online wholesale marketplace is that you can trust their team to act as curators for you. Unique wholesale distributors are great at organizing their own brands in themed editorial collections, making it much easier for retailers to find inspiration for their wholesale bulk buying online. At Mirta, we have plenty of curated collections under our Shop By section of the website. We know how fashion wholesale is guided by trends, so we always have some trend-based collections available: browse our Fluffier Than Ever Winter Collection to find cozy and soft pieces, or have a look at the Yes I Wool selection of wool pieces for stylish winter clothing. The collection of Must Have Bags for AW22 is one of the most-loved, while the one about New Products for SS23 is the news you don’t want to miss out on.

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Choose Wholesale Products that Match Your Timings

As a marketplace for online shopping, we at Mirta have the means to revolutionize the traditional way to buy wholesale and make it much easier, smoother, and more immediate. With Mirta, you don’t need to stock up months in advance: you can buy at any time, choose products for the current season, and receive your order in just a few days. This means that you can always select wholesale brands that suit your delivery timings. If you need a quick restock in a few weeks you can select products that will arrive very soon, while if you need to plan for a delivery in two months you can opt for pieces that will arrive just then. By using our Crafting Time filter it’s easy to buy unique designs that also suit your timing and delivery needs.

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