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Tue Mar 23 2021

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Creating an eye-catching window display can be the difference between a customer coming in to make a purchase and having them simply walk by. As a boutique owner, your window display is also a way to showcase your unique brand, approach, and clothing items.

However, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do for your window display. There are a few things to keep in mind that can help ensure that your display windows are fun, inviting, and appealing to your ideal customer.

Window Display: A Definition

The window display is a grouping of merchandise in a front window of your store. Generally this front window faces a sidewalk and/or a major street, allowing passersby to see your window. The purpose of a window display is to showcase your goods so that people will want to shop in your boutique.

Attract Customers In

Having creative retail displays is great, but if they don’t appeal to your target audience, the effort won’t be effective. Think about who your ideal customers are and what they are doing at this time of year.

For example, if you cater to moms with children and it’s winter, you can create a mannequin display showcasing winter clothes to wear while sledding or building a snowman as a family. Or you can try dressing a mannequin in different ways for a display that focuses on indoor family fun in the winter.

The best storefront ideas are the ones that connect with your target market’s desires. Those desires aren’t just seasonal — you also want to be aware of current trends and capitalize on them when you consider windows display ideas.

Take Advantage of a Theme

As you consider store window display ideas, think about what themes make sense for your store at this specific time. For example, many retailers create heart-shaped displays with roses, partners holding hands, and more around Valentine’s day.

Or, your audience might be the anti-Valentine’s-day crowd, so you might consider having someone shooting an arrow at cupid instead of the other way around. Other cheeky and playfully defiant ideas might be the answer to how to increase sales during February.

You can also use window display props to create Christmas windows during the winter holidays to promote specific clothing items that are festive and fit the mood. Reindeer, mannequins giving gifts, and other displays are perfect for this important retail season.

Share Your Display Window on Social Media

In the past, you had to hope that people would walk by your store if you wanted your window display to get noticed. Not anymore! One of the best ideas for social media for a clothing boutique is to share your store window displays on social media.

When you share online, you increase your audience dramatically. That can help you get more sales and increase your foot traffic and online sales at all times of year. Don’t wait for a special occasion — share your window displays regularly!

Another fun idea that incorporates your fans online is to let them choose your next window display. You can have people suggest ideas, choose your top favorites, and let your fans vote. That way, you not only get creative and fun display ideas, but you also engage your audience at the same time. It’s a true win-win!

Create a Focal Centerpiece

As you create your window display, you’ll want to keep some of the principles of great artwork in mind. For example, you need a focal point for the viewers eye to go to right away.

Ask yourself what you’d like the viewer to see first, and make that the focal point. Keep that point at eye level, so the viewer doesn’t have to strain to take in your concept. You can have a single outfit with a festive background, for example. 

If you want to display multiple figures, the focus of their attention should be the focal point. For example, a family building a snowman would naturally have the snowman as the focal point of the display.

Avoid Clutter

It’s common to want to display ALL of your interesting clothing in a window display, but as a boutique that’s simply impossible! You’ll end up with a cluttered mess that drives people away instead of inviting them in.

Instead, keep your window display simple and clean. It should be engaging and fun but give only a taste of what’s inside. People’s curiosity will be piqued, and then they will want to come in to see what else you have to offer.

Your window should be a teaser that makes people hungry for the main event, which is inside your store. Don’t try to showcase the whole catalog in a single place!

How to Increase Sales With a Store Display

A retail display window is a great way to connect with customers’ emotions and create curiosity about what else your store has to offer. When you follow the tips in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to increasing sales through fun and engaging displays.

Don’t limit your audience to those who walk by. Instead, share your current season’s display on your website, social media, and more!

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