Mirta Wholesale x Mipel 121


Sun Apr 03 2022

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The collaboration transformed the trade show into an omnichannel experience by integrating digital and physical.

Mirta Wholesale was the official digital partner of the 121st edition of MIPEL, the most important international trade fair dedicated to leather goods and fashion accessories held from March 13 to 15 In Milan, Italy. Thanks to the integration of digital and physical, the event was a great success, proving to be a valuable strategic moment for the leather goods sector. The digital format registered a massive presence of foreign buyers (40% from the USA, 40% from Europe, and 30% from Asia) who, for various reasons, could not be physically present at the fair. It was a sign of rebirth and an opportunity for buyers and exhibitors to meet and discuss industry news and trends.

The partnership was created to support
innovation in a sector in continuous growth and evolution, based on the sharing
of six fundamental values:

  1. a strong and recognizable brand identity;

  2. the creativity in terms of style;

  3. sustainability for a responsible and socially conscious production;

  4. the craftsmanship that doesn't exclude but instead goes hand in hand with an evolved entrepreneurship;

  5. the autonomy of management and expression;

  6. the digitalization to embrace new means of communication and distribution.

For its 121st edition, Mipel has expanded its space by welcoming more than 100 national and international exhibitors to present the FW22/23 collections in about 4,000 square meters. (twice the size of last year's edition). In addition to the physical format, a virtual showcase was set up on Mirta Wholesale’s platform exclusively for MIPEL. In this virtual section, buyers were able to discover new brands and connect with those they already knew, take a look at the FW 2022/23 collections, and place orders directly online. A benefit that allowed everyone to join the event, even from afar.

In order to create an omnichannel experience, an innovative exhibition area has been dedicated to Mirta Wholesale within the fair, where it was possible not only to get in direct contact with a selection of artisans present on the platform and to touch with hands their
high-quality products but also to discover the innovative and digital reality of Mirta Wholesale through totems and interactive elements where visitors could understand how the platform works and be able to place an order instantly with the support of Mirta representatives.

Mirta has actively participated in realizing some deepening moments (talks, interviews and masterclasses) on topics of interest for the leather goods sector, and thanks to its platform,
anyone could attend the events broadcasted in live streaming. In addition, on the youtube channel of Mirta wholesale, you can watch again all the talks that were held during the fair.


The days were full of excitement with events, special guests, and business talks livening up the show: from the situation of female entrepreneurship in the fashion sector to the future of
made in Italy and the wholesale industry, generational turnover and digital strategies; these were just some of the appointments dedicated to exhibitors and visitors. The discussions were held directly live on Mirta's platform so that everyone could participate in these interesting industry events. Many highlights and trends have come to light during the various talks: how luxury today means durability and sustainability and how important it is to create storytelling that enhances the product's values.

So, what is the trend today?

Nowadays, the new luxury customers want unique, personalized, high-quality products that highlight the human connection. In addition to enhancing the history and tradition of
craftsmanship, the trend is to bring the industry closer to digital, creating engagement through a new channel, favoring video content over photographic content. However, authenticity is still the most important and necessary value for growth in the future.