How to Wear Cowboy Boots: Tips for Your Customers


Fri Nov 11 2022

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Help Your Customers in Wearing This Year’s Trendy Boots Without Looking Country

In 2022, cowboy boots have been and still are a thing. They emerged as a trend during summer and are continuing to rule the streets this fall/winter. Not a prerogative of the country looks anymore, cowboy (or cowgirl) boots have been promoted to wardrobe essentials, spotted on some of the most stylish girls of the street style set. If you’re an attentive retailer you might already have some styles available in-store. Still, if you want to be a savvy retailer you should also get ready to support your customers in styling this trendy, yet tricky, boot style.

There’s a high chance your clients will come to you to know how to wear cowboy boots without looking country, so we put together a few inspirations for cowboy boots outfits that have nothing of that Taylor-Swift-in-2007 look. From trousers to dresses and midi skirts, here’s how to wear cowboy boots in the coolest way, featuring our brand Kali Shoes, well-known for its artisanal and Made in Italy styles.

How to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Dress

When it comes to wearing a dress with cowgirl boots, advise your clients to stay away from bohemian and paisley dresses, in order to avoid the farm-girl vibe. Mixing cowboy boots with totally different styles will make for much cooler and unexpected ensembles. When preparing looks for your store, use the boots to toughen up cute pink dresses or nail two trends in one look with a contrast animal-printed option. Cowboy boots go perfectly well with floaty silk dresses too, balancing their sophistication.

How to wear cowboy boots with a dress
Dress with cowboy boots

How to Wear Cowboy Boots with Jeans

If your clients are wondering what are the best jeans for cowboy boots, push them toward skinny or straight styles. Flared denim would indeed tap into the country territory and baggy jeans would be hard to style either over or inside the boots, so better to leave these two aside. Apart from this consideration, the game is quite easy. Suggest them to dress up the cowboy boots with an elegant blazer, or dress them down with a sporty puffer instead. Be welcome contrasting colors too, such as a black total outfit and bold white boots.

How to wear cowboy boots with jeans
Jeans with cowboy boots

How to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Skirt

Midi skirts are perfect to enhance cowboy boots and give them a little sophistication. Whether your clients are opting for a knitted wool skirt or a silk one, you can propose them refined looks to match their cowboy boots: play with volumes and pick some oversized knitwear for them to try on, or have a few edgy blouses available for more evening-appropriate outfits.

How to wear cowboy boots with a skirt
Midi skirt with cowboy boots

How to Wear Cowboy Boots with Pants

Besides jeans, cowboy boots can be worn with trousers too, with the pants going in or out depending on the fit. For those customers who like to experiment with their style, a pair of relaxed trousers can be the perfect match, making for an edgy and effortlessly cool effect. For the most conservative of them instead, pull out your best straight-leg trousers, so they can have more flexibility with styling.

How to wear cowboy boots with pants
How to wear cowboy boots with pants

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