How to Jump on the Hair Accessories Trend


Wed Jul 20 2022

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Seven Styles of Hair Accessories to Have in Store

Hair accessories have come back strong on catwalks and streets alike in the last couple of years. Miuccia Prada sent her SS 2019 models out on the runway with silk headbands, and not long from then we’ve all been craving some sort of hair ornament. To surprise your customers and please their different tastes, make sure to be in the know about all the different styles of hair accessories and how to wear them. From the most summery types to the ones good all year round, equip your store with trendy pieces for your customers’ best hair moments.  

The Twilly

Romantic and rétro, the twilly or headscarf is a versatile and easy-to-wear option for both women with long or short hair. It can be worn with a mini dress for a polished look, or used to revive a casual jeans-and-T-shirt outfit.

The Headband

A classic accessory straight out from the ‘60s, the headband must be worn with a little irony and it’s perfect for those customers that don’t take themselves too seriously. It looks great on long or medium hair, especially when padded, but it can take center stage on short cuts too. In raffia, cotton, velvet, or brass embellishments, there are plenty of different styles to suit all tastes.

The Scrunchie

This full fabric hair band is everyone’s favorite- fun, colorful, and with an irresistible ‘80s vibe. Only relevant for customers with long or medium hair, it’s suitable for all hairdos: from ponytail high or low to half do, from a high messy bun to a half-bun, and why not pigtails too!

The Barrette

To be worn on any hair type, the barrette is another trendy comeback from the past. Feminine, innocent, and handy in keeping your customers’ hair in place- long locks or bob-cuts alike, straight or curly.

The Chifou

Born from the encounter of a scrunchie and a silk foulard, the chifou is a hair band with two strips of fabric attached to it. It can be styled in different ways, with the fabric hanging loose or tied in a bow. Suggest it to those customers that already know everything about hair accessories- they will be pleasantly surprised.

The Halo

Cute, feminine, and elegant, the halo is perfect for customers with upcoming special occasions to attend. It subtly lights up a formal hairdo, while also giving a certain princess-like attitude. If you have Bridgerton fans among your clientele, they’ll probably fall for these.

The Fascinator

Not a prerogative of royals anymore, this small headpiece similar to a mini hat has officially entered the wardrobe of the fashion-forward crowd, going from formal occasion wear to ”it” accessory. Make sure to offer it to those customers who would feel at ease with it though, as it’s a small adornment that will attract much attention