How This Brand Increased Volume on Mirta by 221%


Fri Oct 07 2022

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Discover How Boldrini Selleria Boosted its Wholesale Volume Through a Few Best Practices

The story of Boldrini Selleria starts in 1955 in Tuscany, when Scandiano Boldrini opens a small handbag workshop in Fucecchio, a tiny local village. The tradition of leather craftsmanship was well rooted in the territory and he had grown up with the scent of the leather from the nearby tanneries inebriating the air. With a team of skilled master craftsmen, Scandiano started his leather bag business on a few but effective pillars: extraordinary quality, great prestige, and unmistakable style.

The winning combination of entrepreneurial spirit and artisan passion has been Boldrini Selleria’s signature since the very beginning, and Scandiano’s son Luca, who is running the business today, still follows the same principles that have defined the brand.

Boldrini Selleria’s pieces are classic leather bags revisited in a contemporary way: they’re made in the most scrupulous way, respecting tradition but interpreting the changing tastes of modern women. Their timeless bags and accessories are made with high-quality and vegetable-tanned leather from local suppliers— that kind of material that becomes more beautiful with the passing of time. Still mostly made by hand, their unique products carry the signature exposed stitches and the recognizable Made in Tuscany finish.

Boldrini Selleria
Boldrini Selleria

Since starting selling wholesale on Mirta, Boldrini Selleria has implemented a few best practices that have helped the brand sell more successfully and increase its wholesale volume on Mirta by 221% from one year to the other. Read on to discover how Boldrini Selleria fine-tuned its brand page with optimal content, while also making the most of Mirta marketing services.

How Boldrini Selleria Optimized its Brand Page on Mirta for More Sales

Each brand selling on Mirta has a dedicated brand page that gathers all relevant information about the brand’s story and products, as well as its entire wholesale catalog. Your brand page is a window onto your collection and the first thing that gives retailers an idea of who you are and what you sell, therefore it’s important to optimize it for maximum success.

Thanks to two simple practices, Boldrini Selleria is presenting itself in the most efficient way and has quickly become one of the most successful brands on Mirta. Here’s what they did:

  • Have a wide catalog available for retailers

Retailers want to have a choice— or rather, a lot of choices. Having a wide catalog available on Mirta is one of the things that sets Boldrini Selleria apart. Thanks to a varied selection of products, the brand can answer retailers’ different needs and increase the chance of potential sales, as well as the average order value. Beyond attracting new retailers, a wide catalog of products is also beneficial for returning customers: when a boutique knows it can try more from your brand, it will be more likely to come back to you.

  • Provide multiple photos per product

Another good practice that allowed Boldrini Selleria to quickly grow its sales on Mirta, is the upload of multiple and varied photos for each product. Photos allow retailers to better understand the structure of an item, its finish and look, and how it can be styled and used. The more visual information a brand can give to a retailer, the higher the chances of purchase.

How Boldrini Selleria Grew its Wholesale Revenue through Mirta Services

Much more than just a platform to sell your products wholesale, Mirta is a digital marketplace that also offers marketing services to support your brand in its wholesale growth. Boldrini Selleria decided to make the most of two of our main services, with a consequent increase in sales and reach of new markets. Here’s what they did: 

  • Participate in Live-streaming Activities

Live streaming is one of our most innovative and requested services. After the global decline of TV sales, online live streaming has risen as a new way of showing products live to a specific community for immediate purchase. Very much diffused in Asia and in the U.S. but soon to arrive in Europe, live streaming is made possible by talented and passionate sellers, with a strong community that trusts their taste.

Boldrini Selleria has enthusiastically joined several of our live-streaming events. These activities allowed the brand to reach new customers in unexplored markets, also boosting sales dramatically. From January to September 2022, live-streaming sales made up almost 50% of Boldrini Selleria’s total sales.

  • Come With Us at Trade Shows

Trade shows are the traditional way through which most of the wholesale buying is done today (physically, if not on Mirta!). We at Mirta participate in the most important trade shows for fashion and accessories with dedicated stands. At our Mirta corners, we can give exposure to a selection of brands and showcase their products providing great visibility. Trade shows gather buyers and retailers from all over the world under one roof, so being present at these events is key for any brand that wants to be discovered and increase its chance of sales.

Boldrini Selleria came with us at the two last editions of Mipel Milano in 2022, providing a wide selection of pieces to display at the fair. Buyers had the opportunity to touch the products in real life and get a sense of their craftsmanship quality, as well as hear all about the brand’s story and heritage. This allowed Boldrini to grow its visibility, make the buyers fall in love with its products, and increase sales both during the fair and later on in the year.

Boldrini Selleria
Boldrini Selleria

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