How This Brand Earned Back Three Times its Mirta Investment


Wed Nov 16 2022

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Discover How Marco Masi Increased its Wholesale Volume Through a Few Best Practices

Masi’s family started out in the leather manufacturing business in 1987 in Milan, producing high-quality leather goods for the main Italian fashion brands during the 80s and 90s. After 30 years in the business, backed up by knowledge and experience, they decided to launch their own brand. Marco, the youngest of the family, took the significant family heritage and transformed it into a new exciting project: it was 2010, and the Marco Masi brand was born, mixing technical skills and a free, innovative spirit

A deep knowledge of the products and a continuous research of the best leathers are the two pillars of the brand: the grounding reasons for the production of unique pieces in terms of quality, design, and style. Inspired by Milan, the ultimate fashion city in Italy, Marco Masi’s collections feature clean lines and luxurious materials, and are designed for women who value elegance and class in their everyday life. Comfort is not neglected either— their bags are soft, easy to use, light, and versatile.

Since its first collection in 2010, the brand has grown fast and steadily both in Italy and abroad, especially thanks to its artisanal heritage, Made in Italy certification, and sophisticated designs. The force of Marco Masi lies in the continuous dialogue between heritage and innovation: their core idea is to keep the quality of Italian craftsmanship alive but to adapt it to the constant changes of the market; in the same way, their collections stay on top of the market trends but filter them with a very personal imprint.

Marco Masi leather bag
Marco Masi leather tags

Since starting selling wholesale on Mirta, Marco Masi has executed a few best practices that have helped the brand sell more successfully and gain back three times its investment in 2022. Read on to discover how Marco Masi adopted a winning omnichannel marketing strategy, while also optimizing its collection and brand page on Mirta.

How Marco Masi Optimized its Collection on Mirta for More Sales

For a successful wholesale performance, you need to attract retailers’ attention; and to attract retailers’ attention, you need to display an on-point collection. Your brand’s product collection is the founding element of anything that you’ll do on Mirta: you have to nail that first in order to build your wholesale success. 

With this in mind, Marco Masi has worked hard to offer the best possible collection to Mirta retailers: with just three simple practices, they have managed to stand out and increase their sales volume. If you want to follow their example, here’s what to do:

  • Add the whole catalog on Mirta

We will never stop stressing this: retailers want to have choices. Having a wide catalog available is key to gaining their attention and keeping them loyal to your brand. Adopting the right strategy, Marco Masi has added its whole product catalog on Mirta, offering a varied selection of styles that can fit retailers’ different needs at different times of the year. Store owners and buyers can see everything that Marco Masi can produce, and this is having a huge impact on the brand’s sales performance, both in terms of new sales and average order value.

  • Offer customizable options for each product

Another smart way of offering choices to retailers is to allow them to customize their favorite products with different fabrics and colors. On top of the variety of styles, in fact, Marco Masi is also able to craft each piece with different materials and multiple color combinations. This flexibility makes retailers feel empowered and in control, as they can select what to have in store even more accurately. After all, none knows their customers as much as they do.

  • Keep a low crafting time (and don’t be late!)

The force of Mirta as a wholesale platform consists in being able to deliver real-time fashion: here, retailers don’t need to plan their wholesale buying a year in advance, and they can always buy in season, refreshing their store depending on changing needs. Ça va sans dire that the lowest the crafting time the better: if retailers can have your products delivered in just a few weeks they will be more likely to choose your brand among others. A low crafting time is a powerful lever for good and steady sales.

This said, it’s also extremely important to fulfill your promises and respect your delivery times. When a store doesn’t get products in time, the entire merchandising strategy is harmed, with potentially very bad consequences on the store’s sales. It’s very comprehensible then why retailers who experience delays in deliveries will not be keen on buying from the same brand again. Keep this in mind and try your best to fulfill your delivery promises.

How Marco Masi Earned Back Three Times its Investment Through a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy with Mirta Services

Any good marketer knows that you need to invest in order to grow. Marco Masi decided to make the most of the services that Mirta, as a digital wholesale platform, can offer: by adopting a 360-degree strategy and investing in four of our different activities, the brand managed to increase sales and reach new markets. The result? They gained back three times as much as they had invested. If you want to follow their example, here are some examples of what to do:

  • Take part in our physical pop-up stores

Mirta pop-up stores are a powerful example of how digital and physical can come together, tailoring immersive experiences for curious retailers and consumers. Thanks to special collaborations, we’re able to organize temporary stores in selected locations and showcase our brands in the best way. In Mirta pop-up stores retailers and consumers can discover your pieces in real life and feel everything that was poured into making them, as well as experience our dedicated customer assistance.

Marco Masi took part in one of our most successful temporary shops in 2022, equipping us with 14 different styles to display in our selected Florence retailer. During the opening months, the brand managed to sell 60 pieces and expand its customer base.

  • Come with us at trade shows

Trade shows are the traditional way through which most wholesale buying is still done today. We at Mirta participate in the most important trade shows for fashion and accessories with dedicated stands. At our Mirta corners, we can give exposure to a selection of brands and showcase their products providing great visibility. Trade shows gather buyers and retailers from all over the world under one roof, so being present at these events is key for any brand that wants to be discovered and increase its chance of sales.

arco Masi took part in the two last editions of Mipel Milano in 2022, providing a wide selection of pieces to display at the fair. Having their products available at the Mirta stand allowed the brand to be noticed by buyers and retailers, who had the opportunity to touch the products in real life and get a sense of their craftsmanship quality. This growth in visibility has increased the brand’s sales both during the fair and later on in the year.

  • Participate in live-streaming activities

Live streaming is one of our most innovative and requested services: it allows to show products live to a specific community for immediate purchase, with the possibility of explaining more about the products, showing their real size and structure, and giving tips on how they can be worn. Very much diffused in Asia and in the U.S. but soon to arrive in Europe, live streaming is made possible by talented and passionate sellers, with a strong community that trusts their taste.

Marco Masi has participated in three live-streaming shopping sessions since joining Mirta, some featuring other brands and some totally mono-brand. These activities allowed the brand to reach new customers in unexplored markets, especially increasing their presence in South East Asia. From January to September 2022, live-streaming sales made up 39% of Marco Masi’s total sales on Mirta.

  • Trust in our marketing services for maximum online visibility on the main communication channels

As you might know already, we offer special marketing services to increase your visibility across our communication channels: from how you’re positioned on the Mirta website to social media coverage, these activities allow you to invest in being seen by retailers in the way you prefer, increasing your chances of sales.

Marco Masi has purchased many of our options, testing what worked best for the brand. With the smart ranking service, the brand has been able to appear in the most prominent positions of our wholesale bags collection on the website, while our social media package allowed them to increase brand awareness throughout our social community of retailers, thanks to multiple Instagram posts and Stories. Being featured on some of our newsletters has also worked well for the brand to reach in-target and already engaged retailers, bringing them closer and closer to the purchase. Overall, these services brought to Marco Masi a 200% increase in clicks of their products on Mirta, and a 60% increase in sales.

Marco Masi straw bag
Marco Masi bags

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