Five Southern Italian Brands You Should Know


Mon Aug 01 2022

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Luxury Pieces Made in the South of Italy

The bottom half of the boot that makes up Italy is home to some of the most beautiful, world-renowned destinations such as the Amalfi Coast just south of Naples and Salento area in the Apulia region. In fact, the entire south of Italy offers an abundance of fascinating history, rich traditions, dreamy landscapes, and finger-licking cuisines.

To help you discover more of this part of Italy, we’ve gathered five brands hailing from the regions of Sicily, Campania, Apulia, and Calabria. From colorful bags to eclectic clothing, our selection definitely has something that fits your store aesthetic, and will immediately transport you to the sunny Italian south!


JADISE was founded in 2012 by Massimiliano D’Angelo and Emilio Lombardo. Their dream was to create a range of bags and accessories combining contemporary art with traditional craftsmanship, inspired by Sicilian culture and beauty of the south. The brand name derives from the French ‘jadis’ meaning ‘in the past’ while the ‘e’ at the end stands for ‘elle’ or ‘she’, and it reflects the idea to bring past techniques into the present. JADISE utilizes distinctive elements such as traditional majolica patterns and wheel-shaped bag closures to represent the Sicilian core of the brand.


Another Made in Sicily brand, Danié was established in 2018 by Daniela Napolitano. Daughter of two goldsmiths, Daniela was born in Ragusa and completed her studies in Florence to become a goldsmith as well. Made entirely by hand, the Danié Made in Sicily coffa bags are created using 'curina', the most tender part of the Sicilian dwarf palm. A blend of tradition and innovation, the coffa has been reinvented and embellished with lace, raffia, tassels, and other playful trimmings. Amid bright colors and soft shapes, Danié aspires to celebrate everything that is Sicilian.

Alessia M

Alessia M is the brainchild of four partners from Caserta, Naples who wanted to create clothing that represents a new take on femininity in fashion. It’s named after Alessia Montefusco, stylist and product manager with a background in luxury fashion, who currently runs all things creative within the company. Alessia M aims to help the planet with small gestures by utilizing organic materials and in-stock fabrics to be worn for a lifetime, avoiding textile waste. The brand’s collections focus on the shirt and other garments that represent the shirt’s evolution, pursuing a style that’s both unique and sophisticated.

Edo Camicie

A leading player in Italian shirt tailoring tradition, Edo Camicie is rewriting the idea of luxury. Based in Martina Franca within the Apulia region, Edo Camicie believes that refined Made in Italy tailoring is no longer an exclusivity for the few. Each garment is entirely made in the company tailor’s workshops, using material from the finest Italian cotton mills including Tessitura Monti and Canclini. With more than 1,500 fabrics of every color and pattern, including precious double or triple twisted cotton, the brand offers endless styling possibilities. Edo Shirts are also completely customizable to cater to the needs of every individual customer.


Created by Sara Amendola, who serves also as artistic director, SHARAY is an independent women’s clothing brand 100% Made in Italy. The Calabrian brand’s cornerstone is to deliver a high-end, ethically-made product at the best possible price. Thanks to continuous research and analysis by the team, the brand is committed to offering unique and made-to-last garments. The bold use of color along with high quality fabrics and design details render each piece of clothing special, enhancing the beauty of every customer who wears it because SHARAY is made by women, for women.