Discovering Eticlò: a Mirta x Mastercard Project


Mon Oct 03 2022

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Exclusive Insight Into the World of Sustainable Brand Eticlò

When Mastercard asked us to collaborate on the Priceless project creating a digital experience dedicated to their cardholders, we decided to give them an exclusive insight into one of our contemporary local brands. It’s not always easy to discover what’s hidden behind the clothing we wear every day, so sitting down with the founder of a young Italian brand and hearing about their story and mission really is an inspiring opportunity.

This time we chose to focus on Eticlò, a sustainable brand that helps you build an ethical and responsible closet. We sat down with Desirée, founder and artistic director, and talked about all things sustainability, work ethics, fashion, and style.

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"The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world."

Eticlò was born in 2018, from a fact that cannot leave us indifferent: the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Moved by this data, Desirée started her own brand, choosing a name that stands for ‘ethical closet’: a proposal of conscious and responsible clothing, starting from raw materials.

A Tribute to Slow Fashion

Research and ethics have been at the heart of Eticlò since the very beginning, in order to support a slower and more conscious approach to the fashion industry. For Eticlò, to believe in Slow Fashion means promoting a fair and sustainable philosophy in every step of the business: from the choice of raw materials to production, from design to trade. 

Natural and Organic Raw Materials

Attention to raw materials is key. Eticlò only works with natural organic fibers and ecological dyes, free of harmful substances for the environment and health. Organic cotton, organic linen, and pure silk crepe are some of the materials you’ll find in their collection- all of them with GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard).

The selection of suppliers is also very strict, only considering those that can ensure high-quality standards and work ethics.


Ethical and All-Female Production

Beyond the choice of materials, the attention to sustainability is carried into production too. Eticlò works with a small production and tailoring service in the province of Padua, Moda e Servizi, which shares the same love for details and respect for people and the environment as the brand.

Eticlò is also a 99% female project, a choice they made at the very beginning. They’re all female workers in the company, starting with the creative and artistic team, then moving on to production and salespeople. 

A Timeless Design Choice

Attention to the aesthetic is another key pillar of Eticlò’s philosophy. Their design is timeless, clean, and refined: Eticlò garments have no season, they can be worn in both warm and cold weather, and they don’t fade with seasonal trends but are designed to last over time. The durability of their collections follows the idea that natural beauty never fades: what is beautiful now, is beautiful forever.


To learn more about the brand and the Mastercard Priceless project visit the page below:

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