Fashion Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


Mon Jan 30 2023

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Discover the Three Shades that Will Rule Next Season’s Looks

Every new season has its color trends. They come out of the catwalks bold and clear, as stylish traffic lights ready to give us the Go on hues we hadn’t considered before. In just a few months your customers will be searching for that particular shade they might have seen all over Instagram, and if you want to be prepared to fulfill their colorful dreams, now’s the time to plan your next season’s buying accordingly.

Last summer’s watercolors (hey baby pink and pastel yellow!) are leaving the way for more saturated and interesting shades for SS23, with a balanced mix of tranquil and punchy vibes. From an unexpected magenta to a sage green tapping into the lime territory, these are the three color trends for Spring/Summer 2023 that you should know about.

Punchy Magenta

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta 18-1750, so there’s no surprise in finding this vibrant and vigorous hue in every cool brand’s collection. Described as an “emboldened fuchsia”, it is feminine, empowering, and great to inject some energy into any of your customers’ looks. Whether worn from head to toe or as an accent to a neutral outfit, its eye-catching effect is guaranteed. Browse our Magenta pieces selection below.

Shimmering Green

Green has been a favorite in many of the past fashion seasons, always varying in shade and intensity. For SS23 however, brands have been exploring the two opposite ends of the green spectrum, tapping into the comforting shade of sage green yet into the neon shade of lime green too. Make sure to color your store’s collection with these fascinating hues: our Green pieces selection will help your customers in building unusual and striking looks.

Tranquil Blue

Calming yet whimsical, this baby blue shade is painting everything from swimwear to knitwear, from bags to shoes. These soft pieces are very versatile and easy to include in your customers’ looks. They match well with neutrals and soft hues, but also vibrant oranges or the aforementioned punchy magenta.

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