Considering the evolving COVID-19 situation, here an update on Shipping and Customer Service. All our artisans reopened their workshops, and they are working hard to keep up with orders. As you can imagine, lockdown had huge impacts on small family businesses, therefore today more than ever we believe in our mission: sustain small independent artisans and support Made in Italy.

We are shipping worldwide as fast as always. Shipping from Italy is safe and each product has been sanitized before being packed. We constantly updated all the product pages on the website to reflect shipping times and delivery dates, so you can easily browse through them and access this information.

You can find on the product page icons highlighting which product can ship immediately and which one has to be crafted and so can take longer to be delivered.

Besides that, let us share something deeper from the bottom of our hearts.

From the very beginning, at the heart of MIRTA’s purpose, there was the idea of connecting humans. Our purpose is to recreate the experience of being in a workshop with the artisan and the awareness of having an object made only for you, that gave the product a special value.

We strive to recreate that feeling at every step of the customer experience. From the artisan pages, with videos of their unique stories, to our Instagram profile, with real snapshots of the locations where these artisans create. From the hand-signed letter you receive with your purchase, to the products themselves, that carries the signs and imperfections of products made by the hands of an artisan.

In these times of social distancing, we believe that MIRTA’s purpose of human connection is more important than ever.

We strongly and deeply believe that to overcome these difficult moments we have to continue pursuing this mission, and for this reason we will, with unchanged commitment and even stronger passion.