Salce 197

In 1935 the Studio Promotional company was founded by the couple Guido and Ester Cafiero. Aldo Cafiero, Guido's son, and Ester transformed the artisan company into a separate industry: Cafiero Group. In 2017, the bag brand Salce 197 was born from an idea of Aldo with the support of his loyal collaborator Piera. Salce 197 creates bags and accessories with a refined design and a modern soul, aimed at all women who want to stand out with an unconventional style, strictly made in Italy.  The collections of the brand are made of soft leather combined with rigid and macroscopic details. Rigid thermoformed and coated leather shells are the innovative element of contemporary design that characterizes most of the new collections. The use of this technology was possible thanks to the company's experience in the field of eyewear cases and leather goods, where it is widely used. Made in Italy can be recognized by the details, the handmade stitching, the high quality metal finishes, and the use of Italian Primofiore leather.