Daniela Ravaioli's company Radà was founded in 1982. But at the first French fair at the Hippodrome a few years later, the small artisan business became BSR and massively accelerated its sales and fame. The company has a creative heart and the ability to plan and develop in perfect harmony with the codes of its artistic DNA. Daniela Ravaioli learned the craft of melting metals and then assembling them into something new and original. It also came to a crucial meeting with Muriel Grateau, creative director of Complice and Daniela's inspirational muse. From that moment on, the love for pearls became a constant for Radà, a kind of the main element that she always had to keep in mind. Then, in 2002, her passion for embroidery and the mounting technique changed. This technical innovation was paired with her creative zeal, which led the company to new milestones and with which Daniela is still creating and trying to develop new ideas. Today Radà is a brand known all over the world. Boldness is part of Radà's genetic code. Combined with technical know-how, knowledge of the history of fashion and customs, powers of observation, and exceptional entrepreneurial skills. Since the first collection, Radà's tendency to push the boundaries of the obvious and mix seemingly contradictory codes has never ceased. With its headquarters in Forlì, Radà is transforming from an artisanal business to a production facility that creates collections at the same pace as the fashion world. This Italian company is characterized by unique creativity that has become a business success. Radà's digression is fascinating and resembles the exuberant, determined nature of its founder. Daniela's observation of the world became the filter through which Radà focuses its range of materials based on the retina of taste.