Opificio Dei Sogni

Founded by Claudio Giovannelli, together with his two sons in the 1980s, Opificio dei Sogni is a one-of-a-kind manufacturing atelier. Here the skills acquired in three generations of household linen production are committed to the recovery of the products of the past, with a focus on the style. All the production is done within the tailoring workshop, using high-quality natural fabrics, mainly cotton and linen. Even the colors are part of the careful research. Dusty, full of charm and poetic, they are always unique and capable of enriching every part of the house.  Opificio dei Sogni is a brand that aims to fulfill both shabby chic homes with a strong personality and modern and post-industrial environments. From the bedroom to the living room, Opificio dei Sogni dresses every corner of the house. Their goal is to create beauty and to help bring a little bit of poetry to every home.