Nicki Colombo

By the 19th century, the Colombo family had undertaken the processing of silkworms in Lombardy. The farmers in that area cultivated the mulberry trees with which they fed the silkworms; then they gave the cocoons to the spinning mill, where the quality of the product was assessed thanks to the experience of the director Angelo Colombo. In the 30s, the company bought the spinning mill in Badoere, employing more than 120 people and thus constituting the first industrial company in the area. Then the family decided to concentrate everything in Badoere and closed the other mills. Here Angelo’s son, Mario, and his wife Erina Gianola transform the company into a weaving mill. In 1962, Giuseppe Colombo, Mario's son, started the third generation of the company. He specialized in accessories, making color the winning weapon: pre-dyed yarns, games of designs and inlays. More and more were the collections of scarves, stoles, caps and fine accessories introduced by the newly born Nicki Colombo brand, an homage to his wife. Today the fourth generation is led by Carlo and Mario, and keeps this artisan reality alive, focusing on attention to detail and the study of the best fibers, maintaining local production and supporting 100% Made in Italy.