NC was born from the passion of young designer Nicole Corti to create comfortable, elegant, refined women's shoes made in Italy. Nicole, who grew up in a shoe factory, loved going to the factory as a child with her father and uncle to make shoes for their dolls from leather scraps. After completing a design and modeling degree, she decided to enter the business and give her brand an innovative and modern twist to honor her family's memory. NC shoes are handcrafted from high-quality leathers such as calfskin, nappa, goatskin, suede, and equally excellent fabrics such as glitter, satin, and woven fabrics. NC is an eco-friendly brand that operates without stock to not waste raw materials or harm the environment by sending unsold products from past seasons to landfills. NC believes that the future lies in buying to order and sustainably. Brand NC is dedicated to making beautiful yet comfortable shoes for weddings, ceremonies and events. All proposed items can also be made with other materials and in other colors, upon the request of the shopkeeper.