Mirella De Mori

The company has its roots in the history of the De Mori family, when Mirella’s mother, Giuseppina De Mori, decided to open a woolen mill in the hamlet of Songavazzo back in 1957, Maglificio De Mori, later specializing in cashmere manufacture. After spending her childhood breathing this artisan world, Mirella De Mori took the direction of the company. Fast forward to 2018, Mirella’s daughters, Sabrina and Angelica, decided to follow their mother’s footsteps and founded the brand Mirella De Mori, starting a new generation of knitwear production. Mirella De Mori produces sophisticated, high-quality pieces using mainly cashmere and wool, as well as other natural fibers, designed to be comfortable, elegant, and on trend at the same time. The brand aims to create uniquely crafted pieces of knitwear with innovative designs and harmonious color gradients.