MiaWhite Milano

Miawhite Milano

Miawhite is an Italian clothing brand founded by Giuliana Mistico in 2020. Growing up in Naples, Giuliana was always enamored by the world of fashion as she saw it as a way to express herself. Her interests of travel and languages, specifically English and Mandarin, allowed her to travel to many big metropolitan cities and small villages immersed in pristine scenery. Her fashion sense has been influenced by both catwalks and street style, by every woman she has met on her travels. Miawhite fabrics are selected and researched at the main fashion trade shows both in Italy (Milan) and abroad (Paris). Their garments are often seen on Italian TV, worn by journalists and sportscasters alike. Giuliana believes that women are capable of being whatever they want, and Miawhite offers a unique style that allows them to show it to the world. Every woman must feel fabulous and special at every moment of her life.