Massimo Romolini

Massimo Romolini’s love of fashion started at a young age while admiring the window displays of the most famous boutiques in Florence and Milan. Slowly he became more and more interested in the industry and, more specifically, Florentine leather. After working for some time as a designer for various Italian brands, he decided to open his own leather workshop. With the help of Massimo’s 3 children, the workshop soon evolved into a full-blown company operation complete with a warehouse, production, tailoring atelier, design room, and showroom. After years of research and experimentation, the company has mastered its hallmark characteristic: a timeless vintage effect on the leather. This immense passion for their product, along with innovative techniques and ambitious goals, are evident in every piece made by Massimo Romolini. For Massimo, the best thing about his work is being able to give life to something that can be enjoyed and treasured by someone else.