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Martegani: the story

The founding of the Martegani shoe factory dates back to 1891, when Pietro Martegani and his wife Ida decided to open a factory in Legnano, north of Milan. In the decades that followed, the company moved a bit further north to Tradate in Varese and enjoyed great success in new markets such as Austria-Germany and Syria. Son Ettore passed on the family traditions to his own son, Romano, and in 1957 the family founded the Tradate Shoe Factory. This put the family business on the map not only in Italy but also abroad.  In 1985, with 66 employees and a subsidiary in the United States, the company changed its name to Romano Martegani, seamlessly making its way into the American market. These were the golden years for Martegani with showrooms in New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Young brothers Aldo and Giancarlo Corti soon joined the company as designer and business director. They were entrusted with the external production of some lines, given their combined experience working for their father’s company. With their skills and expertise, they were more than qualified to relaunch Martegani in today’s rapidly changing market. Eventually in 2006 Aldo and Giancarlo inherited the entire business and legacy of Mr. Martegani. From then on, the company has focused above all on B2B activity, creating classic footwear for both international brands and boutique stores. Although the world is becoming increasingly globalized, Martegani still produces with the same artisanal passion that inspired not only their father 50 years earlier, but also Pietro and Ida Martegani.