In 2020, five boys from Treviso with heterogeneous backgrounds and courses of study decide to start a rebirth project whose cornerstone is an attitude that is used today more than ever and is described by the term Maglow. Maglow is a neologism composed of the words "mind" and "aglow" that stands for a brilliant and flexible mindset, a quality necessary for an entrepreneurial life. The brand's goal is to inspire people to take control of their lives and make them special by combining the acquisition of new skills with the courage to take action. By creating, producing and marketing fashion accessories, they express their passions and apply different skills in many areas. All products are created to impress with their design and the quality of the raw materials. They are made exclusively with genuine Italian leather that meets the strictest environmental regulations and certifications. In fact, the brand shares the values of Slow Fashion, from which the sustainable business model based on "life cycle design" has emerged. Sustainability is at the heart of the supply chain, which is entirely based in Italy and within a radius of only 50 km from Treviso. Thanks to this focus they have developed an upcycling project to refine even the production waste. Like the Ensemble bag, a patchwork bag conceived and designed to show off the archival material to its best advantage.