The history of Lanzetti begins in 1901 with the establishment of a small leather goods store in Milan's Corso Garibaldi by Emilio Lanzetti and his wife, both originally from Lake Maggiore. A few decades later, sons Eugenio and Giovanni expanded production to include handbags and wallets, but the store was unfortunately destroyed during the war. The family in the 1950s returned to their roots and inagurated their new headquarters by the lake in their hometown of Lesa, where they still operate today. Production was going very well and soon they were exporting their Made in Italy goods all over Europe. Lanzetti has established itself in the industry throughout the years, keeping true to tradition and adhering to the winning formula that brought them so much success—quality, style, creativity, and reliability. The brand is guided by these values and guarantees to each and every customer a product handcrafted with passion and skill, from start to finish.