Jerry Saved

For over 30 years, Salvato Di Alanno Company has committed to the search for better materials and careful craftsmanship to create an exclusive product that has become a symbol of quality and originality under the brand Jerry Saved. The initial phase takes place with the execution of the drawings to be cut for the development of sizes. The leather is selected according to the model to be made and entrusted to the cutter who cut it all manually. At this time the punched gloves are entrusted to the embroiderer who carries out the various processes on the leather, and then they are sewed by specialized artisan. The gloves are ironed on special hands of hot steel and the quality control of each single pair is carried out before being wrapped. With extensive and many years of experience in the field of tanning and dyeing of leather gloves, Salvato di Alanno Company was able to renew the use of different treatments on leather whilst managing to ensure product quality and innovation technology.