JADISE was founded in 2012 thanks to the creativity of the designer Massimiliano D’Angelo and the foresight of the entrepreneur Emilio Lombardo, both Sicilians. Their dream was to create a range of bags and accessories combining contemporary art and style, and traditional craftsmanship. The brand name—from the French ‘jadis’, ‘anciently’, ‘in the past’, and ‘E’, for ‘elle’, ‘she’—reflects this idea to transport the past techniques and traditions into the present, creating sophisticated accessories designed to enhance the natural femininity of each woman. Made in Italy, attention to detail, and refined styles are distinctive characteristics of the brand. Each piece is crafted with extreme care and precision by skilled Italian craftsmen using the best quality leather. Constantly evolving, JADISE carefully researches trends, colors, and raw materials to create unique, contemporary collections inspired by art, design, and Sicilian culture. Distinctive elements such as traditional majolica patterns and wheel-shaped bag closures represent the Sicilian heart of the brand.