Irene and Erica’s mother, Teresa, arrived in Florence from her native Taiwan in the ‘80s. Teresa immediately fell in love with the city’s beauty, particularly the heritage and skills of Florentine artisans. In 2008, after decades of dreaming about creating her own line of artisanal Made in Italy leather products, Teresa founded the IRERI brand. IRERI bags and wallets are designed for goal-oriented women whom refuse to sacrifice style while working towards their own dreams. The collection selected by Mirta is made exclusively in Florence under the guidance of Mr. Limberti, a master leather craftsman who has previously worked with Aldo Gucci eldest son of the luxury brand’s founder. Teresa sadly passed away in 2019, but twin sisters Irene and Erica have decided to carry on their mother’s legacy. IRERI continues to craft unique, lasting pieces that bond customer with brand-while promoting and sharing the coveted Made in Italy excellence with the world.