Gioadri was founded in Milan in the spring of 2006 by two interior designers, Giorgia and Adriana. With a playful interpretation of their names, Gioadri was born. After graduating in architecture and making their first career steps in the field, Giorgia and Adriana realized they had a passion for creating garments that would change the way women dress. They wanted women to be elegant yet practical in their style. Based on their personal experiences and after careful research, they began to design versatile garments, mostly in wrinkle-resistant fabrics, that could fit any body shape and be worn for a variety of occasions by simply changing a shoe or an accessory. After a few years, Adriana decided to return to her native Argentina and Giorgia was faced with a crossroads: leave Gioadri or continue to develop her passion through this project. She decided to accept the challenge and continue. She saw it not only as an opportunity for her professional growth, but also for her personal growth. She rolled up her sleeves and began to focus on what would and could make Gioadri a unique brand. All Gioadri products are made entirely in Italy and can be customized with a wide range of fabrics and colors. Gioadri was among the first fashion houses to believe in the great potential of "stretch" fabrics: stretch garments adapt perfectly to the body shape, giving it a flattering form. They also do not wrinkle, even when under tension or folded, and do not require ironing.