Established in 1968, family-owned brand Ghibli has evolved the traditional intrecciato woven baskets of Tuscan farmers into timeless bags for the everyday city life. What was once sturdy straw is now smooth leather, but the secret process of hand-weaving has remained the same. In particular, Ghibli uses the tubular method, the most luxury of the woven processes and one that allows to obtain single leather straps that are flawless on both sides. Then, it’s all up to the artisans’ expertise, weaving the straps by hand on an ancient wood shape. No machinery could replicate such job and it can take up to 2 full days to build the bone of a bag. What fascinates us the most it’s that the bags have no stitching at all: they’re woven as one entire piece, and they have no lining either, impeccable on the inside as on the outside.