Fiammetta V

Born in Carrara, Fiammetta Vanelli is the brilliant artist and entrepreneur behind Fiammetta V, a company divided into Zona67, a brand of handmade marble jewelry founded in 2011, and Fiammetta Home Collection, developed in 2017. Fiammetta V’s origins are rooted in the history of Vanelli’s family marble, which spans almost two centuries, beginning in 1818, when Duchess Maria Beatrice d’Este authorized the extraction of the white marble of Carrara. In 1960, Fiammetta’s grandfather, Aldo Vanelli, purchased the Zona 67 quarry, which gives the name to the current jewelry collection. Fiammetta’s creations are crafted using all the variants of the precious Carrara marbles, directly extracted from the family quarries and sapiently shaped through careful production processes. Marble is conceived beyond its classical uses, and introduced into everyday life with a variety of delicate jewelry pieces and home accessories. Characterized by minimal, elegant, and functional designs, Fiammetta V’s products are precious masterpieces.