Fabbricatorino is a historic company founded in 1920, specializing in the manufacture of objects and components made of bakelite. Their entry into the world of eyewear was an accident. It is said that on the occasion of the "Autumn Automobile Grand Prix" held at the Monza circuit, the founders of Fabbricatorino proposed to the Maserati Alfieri team to equip its pilots with "racing glasses". Towards the end of the 1930s, the company's innovative DNA led it to experiment with new materials, first and foremost acetate, a new discovery from a Belgian drugstore that would become the material par excellence for handmade eyewear in the following years. Later Fabbricatorino began to design and manufacture sunglasses and sports glasses, not only for industry and sports but also for everyday wear. All the glasses are milled from solid acetate sheets and finished by hand. All the steps that lead to the creation of the product are treated with obsessive attention. Fabbricatorino creates its products for those who do not need to follow the trends but want to impose their own unique way of being. The lines seduce a niche of curious and attentive consumers who seek beauty and exclusivity in a product associated with the values of innovation, tradition, and sustainability.