The Euterpe project was launched in June 2020 when Sofia, inspired by the attention and respect for form and the harmony of materials, focused her creative process on the atmosphere and interior design of the 70s and the concept of color blocking. In Greek mythology Euterpe, "she who cheers", is the name of the muse of music and poetry. The brand is inspired by this muse's epithet of being the bearer of joy and lightheartedness. The Euterpe woman is a woman who enjoys fashion to show her personality. Euterpe was born as a sustainable brand, both in materials, processing, and packaging. The concept of luxury expressed by the brand is connected to the study behind the design of the product, no longer just to the label or the price. Starting from high quality leather, Euterpe tries to reduce the "plasticization" of leather to obtain a unique and imperfect material. Leather is not only a natural sustainable material but is also considered a slow fashion material due to its resistance to wear and stains. Therefore, Euterpe leather bags are an investment that transcends trends and, if treated properly, can last several seasons and, why not, a lifetime. Although the price is affordable, Euterpe appeals to a target audience that appreciates all these qualities that make Euterpe products not only accessories but a set of ethical and responsible qualities that make bags "luxury objects".