Efi D Angio'

In the Corium V, a container for ideas and projects related to the world of Made in Italy fashion, the ideas take shape and the know-how comes to life. This is where the new projects are born, embracing all the specialization and the high quality of the raw material, the true essence of the garments produced. This is where the Efi D'Angiò project was founded with Stefania Rossi, creative director and founder of the brand. Thanks to this creative synergy was created the textile project that today is reflected in the proposed collections. The refined lines, the clever use of colors, and the attention to detail make the collections unique and make the garments real must-haves. All this is crowned by the tenacious will to maintain the consistency of the collections so that the garments can reflect the needs of customers in everyday life: women who always want to remain themselves.