Angiolo Manetti began the production of footwear in the early 1930s in Florence, in a small shop on the Arno river. His ability allowed him to be exempted from military service so that he could produce shoes for the officers of the Naval Academy of Livorno, which continued until the end of the century. In the following years the production grew a lot: the shoes were sold to the city shops and were delivered with a wooden cart pulled by hand. And it was in those years, when Angelo's son joined the business that the Ducal brand was born. Today the advent of technology has changed many things, but the desire to keep crafting high quality shoes by following its heritage and good taste, has become deeply rooted in Ducal. Their shoes embody a product with a high content of traditional craftsmanship, quality of materials and elegance. For the design, Angelo's granddaughter, Marialisa, is often inspired by old models preserved in their archives, which start from the 1930s up to the most recent. It is inevitably influenced by the spirit of the time in which we live, but it doesn’t bend to the standardization of taste.