DORIA 1905

Doria 1905

Doria 1905 Handmade Passion Doria 1905 it's a line of hats resulting from tradition, craftsmanship and quality: an Italian brand deeply rooted in fashion design tradition of 'fatto a mano' ("Handmade production"). A timeless classically inspired product, enacting a new way to be modern and accessibly elegant. The greatest care and attention are devoted to material selection, to detail finishing, respecting "Made in Italy" history and tradition, but innovating them with advanced techniques. Doria1905 offers a classic hat restyling, made with humour and accuracy, inspired by a refined and linear imagination. Doria1905's hat is not a mere headgear but a precious accessory, born from passion, skill and dedication. Each hat is looked after through every detail, from design to wooden shapes study, from prototype creation to cutting, ending with the final output.