DIS was born in Italy in 2015 from the desire of the three founders Andrea Carpineti, Michele Luconi and Francesco Carpineti to give an impetus to the artisan reality to create shoes that last and are produced only on demand. The attention paid to the selection of the leather, the care with which the shape is perfectly adapted to the model, the manual definition of color and shades on the skin are the elements that characterize the production of DIS and that make the shoes unique and exclusive, like the customer who commissioned them. DIS has decided to renew the ancient art of making shoes to order. The signature of the master craftsmen is expressed in the Italian "know-how", unique in the world. They make your shoes with tradition, knowledge, innovation, and beauty on your feet for eternity. The brand actually produces only what the customers need, without product warehouses and overproduction, with materials of natural origin and raw material suppliers within a radius of only 10 km, reducing C02 emissions by 30% compared to a normal shoe manufacturing company. To celebrate the Italian spirit of the company, all shoes are named after Italian personalities who wrote the history of their country.