The story of DelBrenna is that of a family with very ancient roots. The Florentine Giovanni DelBrenna began with the family passion passed down from generation to generation, first dedicating himself to the fine art of goldsmithing. Building on this heritage, Massimo invented the technique used to create the brand's signature handmade necklaces in 1974. At the time, the company was a single workshop in Tuscany. In 2001, the innovative design of the necklaces was perfected and the first collection was designed. Sebastian (Massimo's son) improved and expanded the design components and expanded the basic collection to four different lines. After Sebastian and his wife Megan married in 2006, they developed the vision to take DelBrenna to the world and opened their first boutique in the main square of Cortona. Today, DelBrenna aims to be a different kind of jeweler. One that celebrates not only jewelry and its own rich tradition but also a sense of connection. The brand strives to transform dreams of exquisite design and detail into lasting reality for all customers. It is this goal that drives them to realize the vision of making a positive impact through exquisite craftsmanship, impeccable service, and a dedication to spreading joy. DelBrenna creates memories and is a neighborhood gathering place - both essential components of a rich life.