Danié was born in 2018 from Daniela Napolitano's passion for craftsmanship and the fascination of handmade creations. The daughter of goldsmiths, Daniela was born in Ragusa and completed her studies in Florence to become a goldsmith herself. Made entirely by hand, Danié coffa bags are created using 'curina', the tenderest part of the Sicilian dwarf palm. In the past, it was used by farmers as a basket or container for carrying fodder or agricultural tools. A fusion of tradition and innovation, the coffa has been reinvented and embellished with lace, trimmings, raffia, mirrors, tassels and castanets. Daniela collection presents the style of the splendid ceramics of the city of Caltagirone in an innovative and personal way. Between bright colours and soft shapes, Danié aims to celebrate all things Sicilian. Its motto? To know and make known the character of this unique land in order to reinterpret it every day in a new way.