Curling Collection

A.F. Maglieria started as a family-run knitting factory in the ‘70s, near Mantua, Northern Italy. After thirty years of producing for other companies, they decided to start the new millennium with the launch of their own brand. It was the 2000s when Curling Collection was born, with the unique mission of blending the old and the new together: in fact, they craft soft knit accessories following the artisanal tradition and its precise rules, yet enhancing them with innovative technology and a modern approach. The brand works with only natural raw materials, producing in small batches and caring for every little detail, whether it’s the color-contrast stitches or the buttonhole shape. They’re particularly expert in working with premium cashmere, which makes up most of their collection. To get to know the brand, start with their iconic ponchos, definitely one of our favorite products.