Casadei Della Chiesa

We live in a society where it’s so common to constantly buy new things, then throw them away once they’re no longer trendy or useful. Casadei della Chiesa confronts this issue head-on by offering eco-sustainable products, obtained from the material of one of the most popular and recognizable objects in the world—the soccer ball. The project was born in 2015, inspired by a trip to Thailand. Thomas sensed the energy transmitted from people to objects, and began transforming an old soccer ball that came to the end of its life cycle into a handmade leather artisanal bag. Once broken down into pieces, the ball lost its shape but kept the energy and history of the material. He then reassembled it by hand as if it were a mosaic, giving life to a completely different idea. In fact, this is what sets apart Casadei della Chiesa from others: excellent craftsmanship by hand. The brand’s bags are ethical and eco-sustainable fashion, offering the perfect blend of sustainability and style. Quality is not sacrificed during the creation of the bag, evident in its elegant and refined characteristics.