C.a.f. Cuoio Artistico Fiorentino

C.A.F. Cuoio Artistico Fiorentino is a father-and-son business. Master Craftsman Vasco Capanni started his apprentice when he was only 18 and built the company in 1956, based on his deep knowledge of the leather manufacturing world. Many years later, his son Fabio brought to the table an innovative entrepreneurial spirit and managed to transform his father adventure in a successful brand. The peculiarity of C.A.F. is that they work exclusively with Florentine “Cuoietto”, the highest quality leather from the Tuscan area. The manufacturing processes have also remained unchanged as they were in the past, using natural colorful pigments and natural glue. The particular manufacturing process gives objects their own structural rigidity, a strong identifying value of the brand.