Bv Milano

A Milanese brand with production based in Campania, BV Milano’s creations traverse the entire country and are a true representation of Made in Italy excellence. Their workshop is located in Via Rovello 18 in Milan, an elegant and exclusive avenue in the heart of the city. All BV Milano products are made by skilled artisans and experts, but above all by people who put their heart and passion into their work everyday. All materials used by the brand are of Italian origin and the buckles are specially made with their iconic and unique octagonal mold. For the men’s shoe collection, they use the same cowhide for the outside as the interior lining while for the women’s collection they prefer to use a softer and thinner lining. “Dressing their customers' feet” for BV Milano means not only covering them, but also gifting them a product of value, comfort, and elegance.