BENNU was founded in February 2021 by Niccolò Chiuppesi with a clear intention: to save the past to protect the future. The brand uses only surplus fabrics, archival stock, or unsold garments for the creation of its collections. The main goal is to reduce pollution caused by the overproduction of new garments and fabrics and to curb the frenzy that characterizes the fashion world. BENNU entrusts its productions to independent workshops and/or Italian social tailors, thus working with local suppliers who guarantee fair wages for workers throughout the supply chain and ensure maximum product quality. All the realities involved reflect BENNU's commitment to the highest respect for the environment, both with the company's highest quality standards and, where possible, with certifications. What BENNU wants to express can be summarized with a passage from the French philosopher Foucault, in which gender is described as a fluid variable that changes and modifies in different contexts and eras. BENNU wants to be a protagonist in a contemporary universe where everyone who decides to wear the brand's clothes feels part of the process of change that characterizes our society.