Barna Cashmere

Giuseppe Martini was born in 1966 and learned the textile trade at a young age. At 21, he started working with his uncle at his knitting company, around the time information technology had begun to revolutionize the industry. Giuseppe decided to give it a try, diving into this new discipline in the late '80s and, within 2 years, becoming a very promising programmer. At just 24 years old, Giuseppe married but soon realized he needed a bigger income to support his family. In May of 1991, he began to work for a Roman company—Maglificio dei Trinci—as programmer for the women’s knitwear collection. This led to other important milestones for Giuseppe, including with Shima Seiki, a leading Japanese brand in the manufacture of knitting machines. In 1992, Giuseppe Martini founded his company—Martini S.r.l—and in the 7 years to follow, achieved great success in part thanks to his wife’s efforts. The Barna knitwear line was founded in 1996, originally dedicated to women's clothing made of various yarns. Through the end of the decade, Barna evolved from serving just the Asian market to expanding in Italy and focusing on 1 material in particular—cashmere. Currently, Martini S.r.l manufactures both for Barna and other well-known brands. Now offering men’s and women’s knitwear, the collections are characterized by classic lines using yarns from only the best spinning mills. The company is able to craft such top-quality products thanks to cutting-edge technology and valuable effort of its artisans.