In 1910 Giovanni left his small hometown for Boston in the United States, where he began working as a barber. His flawless style and young appearance made him famous under the name 'Barberino'. Today, more than a century later, the same style, quality, and attention to details are proposed again under the brand Barberino's. Barberino's aims to relive the atmosphere of the iconic Italian barber shop, where time seems to always stop. Inside sophisticated, intimate, and elegant environments in historic centers of Italy—sheltered from the chaos of the metropolis—they pamper gentlemen who invest the right time to take care of themselves. The brand uses its own exclusive cosmetics, studied and developed in Italy by an expert team of chemists, designers, and craftsmen. The cosmetics line is characterized by high-performance formulas enriched with the most advanced active components extracted from natural ingredients—the ultimate expression of Made in Italy excellence. Barberino's barber shops have been included among the best in the world by Vanity Fair and The Wall Street Journal. It was also selected among the places to visit by popular travel guides such as Lonely Planet and Monocle Milan City Guide.