"Aquarama's roots are in the Italian tailoring tradition but its distinctive trait is to look towards the future and innovation."

Aquarama was created in the '50s by the Tofi family and is a brand of classic sportswear coats. Every season, thanks to continuos stylistic research and experimentation of exclusive fabrics, Aquarama offers new garments for both men and women that exude modern style.

Their internal team designers are managed by Mr. Marco Tofi, Creative Director of the brand. Mr. Tofi has always worked in the family business acquiring much knowledge and experience in creating fabrics and tailoring techniques. He takes inspiration from textile culture and Umbrian historical tradition, expressing them in the collections in a fresh way.


Umbria shares borders with Tuscany, Marche, and Lazio. It is an enchanting territory filled with medieval villages and picturesque hilltops.

The region’s valleys, rivers, lakes, and plains render this land truly breathtaking. The towns of Orvieto, Spoleto, and Assisi are delightful destinations for sightseeing. Perugia is the region’s capital and also steeped in history, with origins dating back to the Etruscans. The city is also the home of the Baci chocolate brand, the most famous chocolate in Italy.

Another itinerary is discovering the famous wine roads that trace back to ancient Rome. This journey to the finest wineries in the region blends history and nature with gastronomical tradition.