ALMA TONUTTI is an Italian company that produces women's bags since its foundation in 1945 in a small town just outside Udine, a city in the northeast of Italy. It all began with a "sportina", a basket of woven corn straw, generally used by housewives to carry food or agricultural products. While during the first decades, the production consisted only of straw bags, today and four generations later, the style of the bags is both modern and elegant.

Their production has diversified and expanded with the introduction of other natural materials, such as cow leather, cotton, and felt. ALMA TONUTTI also offers a unique selection of Italian synthetic fabrics and yarns, always staying true to the tradition of weaving, handed down over the years by their artisans. In fact, it's the company focus on craftsmanship that has allowed them to work with hundreds of customers from all over the world.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Bordering Austria to the north and Slovenia to the east, Friuli Venezia Giulia sits in the northeastern corner of Italy. It has 4 provinces: Trieste, Udine, Pordenone, and Gorizia.

With the Adriatic Sea to the south and Dolomite-dominated landscapes, this land has a lot to offer. Its capital, Trieste, is a timeless beauty with its elegant cafés, neoclassical architecture, and lovely views of the gulf. Another must-see destination is Aquileia, an ancient Roman city declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The region’s economy relies mostly on manufacturing, tourism, agri-food, and shipbuilding industries. Despite being the 4th smallest region, it plays a significant role in global trade.