Alex de Pase

Alex De Pase

Alex De Pase is a brand born from the collaboration between the famous Italian tattoo artist and the Kardif design collective. Their style moves between the art of tattooing and the world of luxurious and exclusive sneakers, in a dynamic and refined combination whose name is both a tribute to the artist and an inspiration. An authentic statement is on the sole, a refined detail that comes from some of the most famous tattoos of Alex De Pase. Made 100% in Italy, the collection consists of sneakers and running shoes for bold people who do not want to sacrifice comfort in any situation. A luxurious dimension where the art of realistic tattoo meets fashion. When the artistic world - which is close to the heart of the Kardif team - meets the world of manufacturers, something very special is born: dynamic and innovative sneakers for men and women that, for the first time, combine the originality and uniqueness of tattoos with the design of shoes. Exclusivity, originality, and quality are the keywords of the brand, where art and luxury come together in a product for street style lovers who care about the priceless details.