Inspired by her passion for yoga and consciousness about the environment, Serena Ferretti founded ADITI in 2021 aiming to create a sustainable and valuable athleisure brand. The name, evocative of the Goddess of the Universe, reflects the brand identity connected to a message of infinity and freedom, envisioning a life full of light and growth. ADITI offers high-quality, comfortable, and versatile athleisure pieces, for a contemporary look—designed not only for working out but adaptable to any occasion. Each product is carefully crafted using sustainable materials, going the extra mile to make sure that fashion and ethics go hand in hand. Organic cotton, quality waste materials, and Econyl, coming from plastic waste polluting the ocean, are the main components of ADITI’s pieces. All the materials are chosen to have less impact on the environment and reduce unnecessary waste. Delicate patterns inspired by nature, neutral color palettes, and refined details characterize ADITI’s athleisure line—made-in-Italy pieces which are designed to last and be inspiring.